Cardiac Arrhythmias and 12 Lead Electrocardiography Module for 23 Continuing Education Credits


This module contains select content from the 2nd edition of Cardiovascular Nursing Practice.

The Cardiac Arrhythmias & 12 Lead Electrocardiography Module includes chapters on cardiac arrhythmia interpretation; 12 lead ECG interpretation; and electrical management of arrhythmias including single and dual chamber pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, and radiofrequency catheter ablation of arrhythmias. All cardiac arrhythmias are covered in detail: sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular, AV blocks, supraventricular and ventricular tachycardias. 12 lead ECG content includes QRS axis determination, bundle branch blocks and fascicular blocks, chamber enlargement, preexcitation syndromes, and signs of myocardial ischemia, injury, and infarction. Many rhythm strips and ECGs are included to reinforce learning. Current guidelines and practice protocols are included. Take the posttest to receive 23 continuing education credits.

$34.00, printed module
$29.00, downloadable pdf