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Comments from customers about the book:

Seen on Amazon: This is the best nursing reference book I own! I find this book well organized, comprehensive, easy to understand and interesting to read. Most of the other books I have been using to study read like boring textbooks, however this book is outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend this book to any nurse who is interested in cardiovascular nursing, regardless of whether or not you are working towards a certification.

From MB in Alabama: Out of all the critical care textbooks I own, both nursing and medical, your book is very effective at making practical the clinical knowledge base needed to take excellent care of our patients. I recommend these two volumes to all my critical care nurse colleagues as a means of elevating their nursing practice. As far as material, I cannot say enough good about it! I’ve enjoyed the time reading the material. I especially like the links to clinical practice, which help bridge the gap from knowledge to clinical practice. These 2 volumes will serve me well into advanced practice nursing. I cannot thank you enough!


This book is for nurses and advanced practice nurses working in all types of clinical settings: critical care, telemetry/stepdown units, emergency departments, chest pain centers, cardiac/interventional catheterization laboratories, physician offices, clinics, cardiac rehabilitation, and home health care. The second edition is printed in two volumes and has updated information on new guidelines for managing patients with cardiovascular diseases, and expanded content in several chapters for advanced practice nurses working with patients who have cardiovascular diseases. Although the major focus is on cardiovascular nursing practice, there are chapters that address non-cardiac issues such as pulmonary and renal disorders, electrolyte imbalances, and sepsis. In addition, there are two new chapters on Sudden Death and Shock States, and Adults with Congenital Heart Disease. This comprehensive resource manual for cardiovascular nurses is an outstanding addition to your unit’s library or your own personal collection. It is a great way to study for certification exams or to increase your knowledge and achieve excellence in cardiovascular patient care.

Features of this book that make it a user friendly reference for nurses include:
♥ Size 12 font for easy reading
♥ Full page layout
♥ Combination of prose and bulleted text (no outlines!)
♥ Illustrations to help explain concepts discussed in the text
♥ Summary of the most recent guidelines from American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology for managing specific cardiovascular diseases
♥ Linking Knowledge to Practice sections to help you apply what you have read to clinical practice
♥ Knowledge assessment questions or practice rhythm strips and ECGs at the end of each chapter to test your understanding of content presented


CNEA is now offering select content from the 2nd edition of Cardiovascular Nursing Practice for continuing education credit in 4 distinct learning modules. Nurses receive the same exceptional content from the publication that has been described as the best cardiac nursing book in print.

Purchase and use these modules to gain practical and clinically meaningful insights into cardiovascular nursing practice and at the same time earn continuing education credits to validate your ongoing professional development. Click on the modules below to purchase today. These modules are available in print, on CD, and via on-line access for immediate download.

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Select popular content from the Cardiovascular Nursing Practice book is now available for Continuing Education credit.

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