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CNEA clients
• Blessing Hospital
• Cardiovascular Nurses of Indiana
• Community Howard Regional Health
• Dartmouth – Hitchcock Medical Center
• Kalispell Regional Medical Center
• Keck Medicine of USC
• Last Minute CEUs
 • Multicare Health System in Tacoma
• Nebraska Methodist College 
• Nyack Hospital – New York Presbyterian Healthcare System
• Renown Regional Medical Center
• St. Joseph’s Hospital
• Tacoma General Hospital
• Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation

Comments from Program Participants

  • Carol is not only a wonderful speaker – she is a true TEACHER!
  • Extraordinarily helpful instructors! I am new to ICU and this all makes so much more sense now!
  • The material is presented in an excellent manner.
  • I learned more from you than from any previous ECG or ACLS classes!
  • Cindy makes it fun to learn. Her analogies are helpful. Keep on! Great classes!!
  • This was a very useful presentation. Thank you.
  • Karen and Cindy – I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Thank you so much!!
  • Instructors care about improving clinical practice.
  • Instructors with real life examples!
  • Great speaker and program. Carol has a way of de-mystifying this material. Absolutely excellent!
  • Karen and Cindy very knowledgeable and presented material clearly. Excellent information and presentation.
  • You three are fabulous! Thank you for making this information applicable to bedside practice.
  • I finally understand 12 lead ECGs after many classes and lots of confusion. It is wonderful that you present the material in a simple, easily understood format.
  • Excellent presentation! I was very impressed and learned a lot.
  • Karen is a very educated and informative educator. I thought she did an excellent job in helping us understand this information.
  • Excellent, I loved this.
  • I learned more today from Cindy’s ECG presentation than during all previous ECG classes. Thanks for making it clear.
  • Cindy, Thanks for making it fun to learn.
  • Very interesting way of giving personality to the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Great class – finally someone to explain pacemakers!
  • Program content was great. I really appreciate all of the practice/learning strips.
  • Course was superb! I would love to take more classes by this speaker. Carol was very interesting and used great teaching methods.
  • This was really helpful information that will be used in my daily practice. Carol was very engaging and made what could have been a dull topic very interesting.
  • The best condensed overall presentation on difficult material that I’ve been to. Great job!
  • Your classes are always very relevant and easily understood.
  • Although Karen and Cindy are very knowledgeable, they are able to put things simply for those of us who are not as knowledgeable.
  • Outstanding course. Pacemakers are no longer a “foreign topic”
  • Carol is a very good instructor. Information presented was clear and taught in a way to make the info applicable.
  • Karen and Cindy made this an excellent learning experience.
  • Excellent job. For the first time I may actually understand preload, afterload and contractility!
  • This info was so valuable! I feel like I learned so much – makes what I thought I knew very embarrassing!
  • Excellent speaker. Your sense of humor makes learning fun!
  • Well worth the money! I came in terrified of 12 Lead ECG and am leaving excited to tackle them.
  • I learned SO MUCH information that I can share with my co-workers! Thanksfor explaining everything simply. I never understood axis until today!
  • Karen does a great job keeping the attention of the class.
  • Karen and Cindy did a great job. They gave us tons of information with good explanation.
  • You are very prepared for any questions we have.
  • The class was a good review and clarified a lot for me.
  • You should have CDs or videotapes of your classes. I could listen to you over and over.
  • Loved the ECG part. Excellent!!

Words frequently used by participants to describe the courses:

Enlightening, Excellent, Motivating
Stimulating, Organized, Comprehensive
Fun, Wonderful, Superb
Impressive, Energetic, Relevant
Challenging, Lively, Timely