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Hemodynamic Monitoring

Presented by: Carol Jacobson

Course Description:

This comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring class covers everything from the physiological basis for hemodynamic monitoring to application of hemodynamic data to case studies. The emphasis is on use of the pulmonary artery catheter to obtain hemodynamic data, but less invasive and noninvasive methods of getting data are also discussed.

Getting accurate data involves proper system setup and maintenance as well as accurate waveform interpretation. Just as critical is analysis of that data to determine the patient’s hemodynamic status and to select appropriate therapy to optimize cardiovascular function.

This class provides a framework for the analysis of hemodynamic data using left ventricular function curves and hemodynamic subsets to determine patient status, select appropriate therapy, and monitor the patient’s response to therapy. Noninvasive methods of assessing fluid responsiveness and use of passive leg raise are also included. This course is appropriate for new as well as experienced critical care nurses.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Explain normal cardiovascular function and determinants of cardiac output and how they can be assessed using apulmonary artery catheter and noninvasive methods.
  2. Describe how to set up and safely maintain a pulmonary artery catheter monitoring system.
  3. Evaluate and interpret the following waveforms: CVP, RV, PA, PWP
  4. Use left ventricular function curves and hemodynamic subsets to analyze hemodynamic data, select appropriate therapy, and monitor a patient’s response to therapy.
  5. Discuss the use of noninvasive technologies in assessing fluid responsiveness.

Continuing Education:
6 hours of continuing education (contact hours) will be offered with this program. CNEA is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider number 15714

Course Price:
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