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AV Blocks & AV Dissociation

Presented by: Carol Jacobson

Course Description:

AV blocks are among the most confusing arrhythmias encountered in clinical practice. This class presents an updated classification system for AV blocks and discusses in detail the following AV blocks:

  • First Degree
  • Second Degree, Type I
  • Second Degree, Type II
  • High Grade Block
  • Third Degree Block

Ladder diagrams are used to illustrate rhythm strips, and instructions for constructing ladder diagrams and using them as a teaching aid are presented.

The four causes of AV dissociation are presented along with examples of each.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Recognize the following AV blocks on a rhythm strip: first degree; second degree, type I and type II, high grade; third degree.
  2. Define the difference between type I and type II blocks.
  3. Identify AV dissociation on a rhythm strip.
  4. Construct a ladder diagram to illustrate and explain what is seen on a rhythm strip.

Continuing Education:
2 hours of continuing education (contact hours) will be offered with this program. CNEA is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider number 15714.

Course Price:
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