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Cardiac Diagnostics (11.37 CE)

Presented by: Karen Marzlin and Cynthia Webner

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Course Description:

Do you want to increase confidence in your understanding of diagnostics testing in the cardiac patient? Maybe you want to make better decisions regarding which test would be the most useful in different situations. This course is designed to sharpen your understanding and utilization of diagnostic tests. Accurate diagnosis occurs with strong skills in history gathering, advanced physical assessment, and the selection of the most appropriate diagnostic test. This course takes you on a comprehensive journey of cardiac diagnostics. Select topics include:

  • Advanced physical exam skills and evaluation of heart sounds
  • Cardiac echocardiography, stress testing, nuclear imaging, cardiac CT, cardiac MR, and invasive cardiac angiography.
  • Pulmonary evaluation: PFTs, PaO2 / FIO2 ratios, advanced ABG evaluation.
  • Utilization of device data
  • Laboratory pearls
  • Comprehensive patient-focused approach in the setting of ACS
  • Recognizing obstructive shock
  • Electrophysiological evaluation including chronotropic incompetence and syncope

This is a newly recorded program (2022) covers the latest in guideline recommended diagnostic testing. Join us on this comprehensive journey of cardiac diagnostics and gain knowledge and skills you will immediately apply to practice. From the inpatient to the outpatient setting this new level of knowledge and skills improves your confidence, patient care, and decision-making. This course is appropriate for APRNs responsible for ordering testing to nurses caring for patients undergoing diagnostic testing. There is something for everyone.


  • Apply advanced physical assessment skills to enhance the evaluation of cardiac symptoms.
  • Utilize cardiac auscultation to identify abnormal cardiac disorders.
  • Review the appropriateness of diagnostic tests used in the assessment of actual or potential cardiac disorders.
  • Discuss clinical information obtained from the various tests used in diagnosing cardiac disorders.
  • Contrast the criteria for stress testing, nuclear imaging and invasive coronary angiography in a patient presenting with chest pain.
  • Analyze the usefulness of multiple laboratory tests in clinical diagnosis.
  • Identify testing possibilities for multiple clinical presentations through case study application.

Course Content:

  • Advanced physical assessment skills.
  • Understanding heart sounds.
  • Chest x-ray evaluation.
  • Utilizing cardiac echocardiography.
  • Assessment of chest pain and other cardiac disorders with stress testing, nuclear imaging, Cardiac CT, Cardiac MR, and invasive cardiac angiography.
  • Pulmonary evaluation: PFTs, Sleep Apnea assessment, Oxygenation vs Ventilation, Advanced ABG evaluation.
  • Electrophysiology tools for rhythm evaluation, and assessment of pacemaker data.
  • Evaluation of arterial disease.
  • Laboratory assessment to assist with diagnosis.

Continuing Education:

11.37 hours of continuing education (contact hours) are offered with this program. CNEA is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider number 15714.

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